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  • Full Workout Program with Instruction
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Supplement Advice
  • Muscle Mass
  • Strength
  • Cardio and Mobility
  • GAINZ!

  • The LEAN BULK 3.0 is finally here! This will be one of my most challenging eBooks to date! This is an eBook that works for everybody from beginners to advanced lifters. I’ll give you the workouts with instruction on how to complete the program. I’m basically giving you the formula for making gainz! The only thing that I can’t give you is effort! If you love to go to the gym and train hard then this eBook is for you!

    This program is centered on high intensity training. It’s a great program to help you add muscle mass and strength. You’ll train to failure with this program and this will require your max effort! This program also requires that you keep a logbook of your progress. Not only will this show you the gainz that you’ve made…but it will give you something to compete with. You’ll record your top sets for every workout in your logbook. Once you establish numbers then the rest is all you vs the logbook! Don’t let that logbook beat you! 

    Why the logbook? This is a high intensity training program that requires you to push to failure on your last set. With a logbook, you can see what your previous best performance was on any given exercise. Every time that you do that exercise, you’ll refer to your logbook and try to beat your previous best! I provide instruction on how to do exactly that! You’ll know when to increase reps and when to increase weight. If you can do this then you’ll progressively get stronger throughout the program. 

    So you know how we are going to get stronger…how are you going to add muscle and make gainz!? I’ve included a nutritional section as well as a supplement section to help you eat and supplement to support this program. If you beat the logbook and add strength then all that’s left to do is feed the muscle to grow bigger! 

    Lastly, it’s called LEAN BULK for a reason! There is no dirty bulking with this program. I’ve included cardio and mobility in this program to help you prevent unwanted body fat gain without sacrificing your ability to build muscle mass. This cardio and mobility work will also help increase your weightlifting shape. This means that it is designed to help you get in better shape to specifically be able to attack your weightlifting workouts! There is no boring cardio here. There is no cardio that will take away your gainz. The cardio here is designed to support you in your efforts to gain strength and add muscle mass!

    Many have seen a lot of success with the first two version of the LEAN BULK. I’m hyped to release the LEAN BULK 3.0. This style of training has given me some of the best times in the gym. If you like to train hard and want a challenge…or if you just want to add muscle and strength…then you’re going to love this eBook. Let’s Goooooo!!!

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